east bung F@#k Egypt
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My name is Holly. I am 27 years old to a beautiful Daufgter named Gabriel. She is my Angel. I have blonde hair and green eyes, and love doing adventerious stuff. I am an outdoorsy person. I love going fishing fresh or salt, and i like hiking. I love going diving, and anything that deals with being on the water. I am a sigle parent that is just basically finding my way in life. I have just recently came out of a bad relationship, but who cares, what makes me hurt, will only make me stronger. I know I will find someone someday who will be good to me and make me happy. i have my Daughter, and she makes me very happy. I was basically born and raised in the country and i love it out here. i would love to live near the ocean someday. I am usually a happy girl. It doesn't really take much to make me happy. i just like living life with peace happiness and love. I don't ask for much. I pray for my Daughter's happiness. She is only two. She has a whole life ahead of her, she is a carbon copy of me. It is scarey sometimes cause this is the first time being a mother and i love it. She will not be the only child I will have either. I love her so much.
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Favorite Book
Working on the Edge
Favorite Band or Artist
Blessid Union of Souls
Favorite Music Genre
Alternative, classic rock,
Favorite Movie
Happy Feet, Finding Nemo
Favorite Artist
Van Gohe
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It Ain't easy being Cheesy

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