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About Tutor, Author and Self-Defense Instructor Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. has just released his new ebook How to Setup Yahoo Email and Attach Digital Photos http://www.computerhelp808.com/2011/03/how-to-setup-yahoo-email-and-attach-digital-photos/ "Based on my experience as an in home computer tutor specializing in very beginner to advance computer use here in Honolulu Hawaii, I’ve finally released a picture driven instructional manual on how to set up Yahoo Email from start to finish and attach and download digital photographs."

Rick Kirkham has just started a new business website which lists simple ways people can make money online and offline. It's called http://SimpleBusinessVentures.com One of the new business ventures even includes a wholesale buying club with over 2000 partner stores! People may order from groceries to electronics and get discounts from pet supplies via Petco to electronic supplies from Best Buy! Visit http://ShopAndEarn.info for more information. More store owners are wanted!

Rick has just completed his new book How I Write Professional Sales Letters

How to Write Professional Sales Letters for:

Email Campaigns
Postal Letters

After starting a very successful service writing professional sales letters on a whim, I soon got so busy doing other people’s sales letters I didn’t have time to do my own!

"Although this book is primarily about sales letters. As I explain later, human psychology remains the same regardless of the media in which the sales pitch is made. Therefore this is a guide to improving and increasing your sales not only on the internet, but face to face as well."


J. Richard Kirkham has just completed his revolutionary software to give business people and online marketers more time to make money or spend with their families. http://TweetNSleep.com Automated Twitter marketing software for advertising and business announcements is hitting the internet like a North Shore wave. Rick's methods are even getting tweet posts spidered (listed) by the search engines!

In July of 2010 Rick Kirkham was "told" to start http://GodsBusinessWay.com Christian Business Networking Site. Please support this site by adding or searching for your business, product or service. All are welcome.

In honor of the great times spent on the golf course with his father, Rick started http://WhyDoYouLoveGolf.com Please visit, get free advice and articles on your swing, breaking 80, your short game and more. Please share any tips you may have as well.

Rick Kirkham has recently expanded his computer services to small business in Honolulu Hawaii and outlying areas as well as online. He now offers small business help both writing and teaching spreadsheets, websites and more all the way to basic computer lessons. Visit http://ComputerHelp808.com for a full list of services as well as his limited time special You Pick The Price Promo.

Because of his computer and teaching skills, Rick added in home computer tutor to his resume. He works with a lot of senior citizens to teach them how to use a computer and gain enough confidence so that his teaching skills are no longer needed. Rick takes on computer students of all ages though specializing in new or confused computer users http://InHomeTutoringHi.com/Computers

Mr. Kirkham's is a dual certified teacher. Due to demand he became an in home tutor with expertise in behavior modification and alternative teaching methodology. He's located in Honolulu Hawaii and specializes in students with behavior challenges http://InHomeTutoringHi.com Mr. Kirkham is the author of Tutoring and Positive Reinforcement Techniques and Methodology for all Parents and Teachers http://inhometutoringhi.com/Books/

Rick has spent over 20 years in the hearing health care industry working primarily with senior citizens. Based on his experience he formed a website to provide low cost, high performance hearing aids and hearing loss information. Feel free to support Rick's efforts by visiting http://GlobalHearingServices.com

Mr. Kirkham began martial arts training in 1973. Due to moves and school closings he has studied several arts. His focus remains on realistic self-defense training while maintaining a safe environment in which martial arts and self-defense students may learn and gain confidence in their abilities to protect themselves or their families against bullies, rapists, burglars and muggers (and the occasional drunk friend).

He's the author of several martial arts books and videos. His two most popular book/video combinations are Step by Step Learning Internal Energy Strikes which teaches you how to increase your punching and kicking power 50% to 100% http://kirkhamsebooks.com/MartialArts/InternalEnergyStrikesEbook_pd.htm and Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Within with it's Full Bonus Video Over Coming Fear and Self-Defense http://martialarts808.com/FightingTechniques/ Having worked in the public school system Rick saw fist hand the effect of school bullies, thus he completed his work When Bullies Attack - How to Teach Your Child to Physically Defend Against The School Bully http://martialarts808.com/Bullying/

Mr. Kirkham has recently began accepting self-defense students again giving in home or near home lessons. Primarily one on one though he does allow the student to form a group to split tuition. He's allowing prospective students to contact him on a variety of martial arts and self-defense subject including but not inclusive to discipline, fitness, self-defense and weapons use and defense.

Oahu residents may see Mr. Kirkham in person by contacting him
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