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Imani is a loving mother to an eight year old daughter who is composing a book of poetry that comes from the heart. Imani's first love for poetry came from her mother who read a collection of work by Robert Frost. She was then introduced to the works of Maya Angelou, Niki Giovanni, but the one that made the most impact on her to start writing was The Last Poets. Since then Imani has been writing ever since, and would like to share her thoughts with you. Hope you enjoy it.

I have written a new book called The Sensual Collection that you can find on the link in my profile page.

peace and love
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Favorite Book
The Great Cosmic Mother, Angelology
Favorite Writer
Walter Mosley, Mo Willems
Favorite Book Genre
Spiritual, Biography
Favorite Band or Artist
Jill Scott, Kindred the Family Soul, Kem
Favorite Music Genre
Jazz, R&B, NeoSoul
Favorite Movie
V for Vendetta, The Island
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Enjoy and Live Life

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The Diary
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