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Though i moved here from Orlando, Florida at the age of 13 Tennessee has became my true home. I live in a small town near the Tennessee river and where the battle of Shiloh took place. It is here that my writing gave more inspiration and meaning to my poetry. I guess it is because of how beautiful the hills and hollers are and how peaceful it can be out in the country. I have grown to love it here and it will always be a place to remember even if I should venture out. I spent my schooling here and have many friends and neighbors among with my family.
Well I guess most of my my family decided to move up here along with their young ones and now it is getting kind of overcrowded. I can see why people love it here, the fishing is great, the lands cheaper than most places and the people here are friendlier than a rattlesnake. I reckon life here is pretty great and I like it quite much. Especially in the spring and summertime when everyones out on their porches smiling and waving to passer's..I guess its a Tennessee thing cause it sure passes on through the whole state. Our town is simple and the paper comes out every Thursday and we all gather down at the Courier to get our newspaper, we might even stop at dairy queen or do some shopping at the old piggly wiggly.
So you see thats my life and about me and what I do and who I am. I just love to write and share myself a bit and hope you enjoy reading my poetry, or you can all just stop on in Savannah and give me a wave.
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The rag picker
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robert laudlum
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always look whats at the top and do not emphasize what is on the bottom

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