About Me
Ooh...Anyone find it hard to describe yourself when someone asks? I do..

I'm Isabella.

I love to be creative, whether it's writing, music, dance or art.
I play the harp, the piano and I sing ;)

I love frogs - like it's an obsession, if I see a frog I freak out - (in a good way obviously), it's sort of weird actually...Then again, I'm naturally weird, so that doesn't matter.

I've lived in loads of places.
I was born in Kent, in England, and after I was born, we moved to the British Virgin Islands.
Because of my dad's job, we then moved to Hong Kong and lived there for 8 months or so.
Then we moved back to the BVI.
After we lived in the BVI again, we moved to Grand Cayman where we lived for 12 years.
I only just moved back to the UK 2 years ago, and I'm STILL having trouble getting used to the weather 'round here.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
'The Host' - Stephenie Meyer
Favorite Writer
Too many ;)
Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy/Adventure/Romance/ <--Sap :l
Favorite Band or Artist
Too many to mention
Favorite Music Genre
Personal Quote
"Izzy is God - not Jesus..." - By my friend Niamh

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