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Executive Chief Technology Officer, the US Department of Veteran Affairs Office of Information and Technology. Prior to his current role, Jeff Lush served as a Regional Manager for Dell Corporation managing Enterprise Architects throughout the globe; contributing to some of the largest infrastructure solutions to include NMCI, support for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and data center consolidation architecture for the US Army. In years past, Lush has served as a Chief Technology Officer while he oversaw a development and services corporation, and has given back to the community as a college instructor on basic and complex IT disciplines. Lush’s experience includes field work serving as a Network Administrator for many years in large geographically dispersed, 10,000+ user environments. Lush has more than 25 years in the Information Technology industry, and continues his passion and thirst for emerging technologies. Lush has spent his career building support organizations to help customers enable technology to satisfy their business need through unmatched process, discipline and rigor. His skill sets provide clarity to enterprise management frameworks and process, and is recognized as a leader around persistent computing architectures. Lush is considered an industry expert and speaks at seminars and conferences, and is currently authoring a book. Jeff considers his greatest accomplishment as being a father of 6 boys, and considers his family life as his most cherished investment.
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