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We all know that the magic Mammaw worked in the kitchen was never written down. If it was, I don't think she ever really followed it. I am sure you can all agree to this if you ever asked her for a recipe. A little of this, a scoop of that. She could make heaven in a graham cracker crust, while the rest of us would try and follow her directions and end up with something that only a miracle could make edible. Whatever is was she did, she did it right. I cannot recall anyone of us ever turning down leftovers (if there were any) or passing the opportunity to take home that extra pie she made. While I am sure none of us can replicate what she was capable of in the kitchen (unless we get that miracle), I am sure she would be honored if we attempted to from time to time. Or at least get a good laugh out of it. I am guessing she probably had the best recipes memorized. We love you Mammaw and you live on in more ways than you will ever know.
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