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"Jerry Red" - sole creator and founder of Bare Rumps - The Modern Cloth...

I am a proud sole parent to my daughter Paige Red. Independence and strength are something we carry together, and I am truly blessed to have her alongside me as I embark on this wonderful journey. Some would describe me as passionate, self driven, strong-minded, and environmental . I am overwelmed and ecstatic by the life force of my daughter and the joy she brings me .

I always planned on using cloth for my child. I was aghast at the thought of my daughter contributing 3 tonnes of landfill before her third birthday. I have always been eco-conscious, and have always strived to make environmentally informed choices.
I love to create art and sew. I have an extensive background in the arts, including performing arts, activism, lithography, creative writing, etching, paper-making, Raku firing/pottery, and even black-smithing! I am fortunate to have travelled far and wide over this beautiful country, before deciding to settle in Hobart, Tasmania - where we now call "home".

Bare Rumps Nappies was founded a year after the birth of my daughter. With my experience and knowledge, coupled with my passion for cloth, I decided Bare Rumps Nappies would become a project I could enjoy completely putting my heart into.

My ultimate goal for Bare Rumps is to create quality, not quantity. Hence it will be small yet passionate production from my studio within my own home, and made through late nights and loud music, with plenty of love and care.

- Jerry Red x
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