Spanish Fort Alabama
About Me
I am a person who loves to read and write. Presently, I working on a memoir of my life. However, I have recently finished a collection of poems, I would like to see in print and published. Since I am a student, it will benefit me all the more as I desire to accomplish this before my graduation. I have a strong passion for life, and I believe it is to be lived to the fullest extent. Whatever, I involve myself in, I attempt to play part with no reserve. As an individual I have many interests: reading, writing, basketball, and repairing things, to name a few. When I graduate in the field of psychology it is my goal to explore various cultures. I wish to travel to a diversity of countries where I may understand different dialects, languages, and traditions. For me, the opportunities are endless. I hope to one day start a charity for those who are unforunate. Maybe even began some sort of refuge for those who are abused such as Women and children. However, my main desire is to help others
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Writer
Ellen White
Favorite Book Genre
Poetry and Non-fictional Narratives
Favorite Band or Artist
Favorite Music Genre
Slow Rock
Favorite Movie
The Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite Artist
Will Smith
Personal Quote
True happiness comes from within

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