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Well I started writing stories at a very young age and progressed over time. I made to honors English and still continue to write. I am one of those people who love to read those book that make you cry or make you look back on things. From all of the people that I know they always say I am very good writer and also says I write novels when I email or write letters. It was always a dream and hope to stay alive. I also like reading sayings. It always makes me think or laugh over my past experiences. Well I Grew up in Colorado and stayed there for the majority of my childhood. I live in Texas and living life. I enjoy quiet days outside reading novels. They bring me joy. As though as I Continue to write it makes me think of how I have not yet have suffered anything traumatizing. It puts me in thought and makes me think about how fortunate I am. So this is for those who hurt and hunger.
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Redeeming Love
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Francine Rivers and Ann Brashares
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Romance and Inspirational
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