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Derrick Winn is a 22 year old man who loves God and loves his wife. Realizing the blessings that God has given him in his wife-to-be, Daryl Jennifer Pittman, Derrick shows how God has worked in his life, especially with reference to bringing Jennifer to him.

With a setting in the future, the sons of Derrick and Jennifer takes the reader into a fairytale about "The Three That Came." Sent by God, these three women rescues a young man who had rebelled against the good that was in him. The young man's rebellion causes him to act out, drinking a poisonous potion and almost giving in to Fornica, the evil queen who wanted badly to give the young man her forbidden "tail soup."

Fortunately, God steps in right when the young man needs him. It's the age old story of good vs. evil, mixed with romance, based on real events!
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