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Kendall Paige Anderson was born October 21, 2000 in Austin,Texas. She moved to Massachusetts when she was only 3 months of age and grew up believing it was her "true home".

Kendall is a fun loving, artistic, Otaku that's been in love with Japan and the Japanese language ever since she was 10. She began taking private studies for the language around 11 and was determined to completely learn it. Her dream is to draw manga and voice act for Funimation.

She has a pet dog, Abby, that she loves and wouldn't feel quite the same without. Her family is busy with work, sports, and friends so she is home alone with Abby her whole day. However, she is never bored. She watches anime (this takes up most of her day I might add), draws anime, practices Japanese, makes YouTube videos, sews, and sings! She also likes to curl up next to the fire, snuggling with Abby and drinking hot chocolate,on cold days. In the summer, she likes to play games with Abby and stroke her fur while laying in the hall
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