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Im the kind of girl who will burst out laughing in the middle of complete silence because of something that happened yesterday!

I love to read! i also ? music! and sleeping is totally legit. I write my own songs and lyrics, i have created a composition for piano. Im writing a "novel".

I can be loud hyper at times. At other times, though, i just really enjoy being alone. In my room, but preferably somewhere outside away from people and buildings where i can listen to nature. That's when i can sit and talk with God, or write down new lyrics or just whatever i have on my mind.


Why don't i make this simple for you:

♫ = LIFE

I love, love, ♥Nickelback! Superchic[k], switchfoot, Jump5, Barlow Girl, Thousand Foot Crutch, SOME 3 doors down and some 3 days grace songs, We The Kings, Mandy Moores' "Cry".

And i actually have a Brittney spears cd and an N*Sync Christmas Cd...and i have no sane explanation to give about that.......


--A Walk to Remember

--Fried Green Tomatoes



--Night at the Museum 2

--National Treasure 1 & 2


--Facing the Giants

--the Sound of Music

--Cat Belu (sp)

--The Swan Princess



--Finding Nemo

--Harry Potter

--The Emperors New Groove

--The Bourne Ultimatum

--A.I. {Artificial Intelligence}

--Second-Hand Loins

--The Seeker


and last but certainly not least

--Veggie Tales

TV shows:

--Heroes!!!!!!!!! The Mentalist, Reba, American Idol, and anything that will make me laugh!


The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson have to be THE BEST books ive EVER read!!! #5 is my favorite! followed by the Twilight Series [i like series books] But the Bible has to be #1 on my books list.

My Heroes:

When it comes to heroes, it has to be one of my older sisters Carolyn, "Carly". One thin you should know about Carly, is that she has Down Syndrome.

Now, you may be asking why she's my hero. Id have to ask you why not? She may learn at a slower pace, and she may look different, but we are both the same inside. And Jesus lives in both of us.

Carly and i have always had a special kind of mysterious sister-connection. Because of her syndrome, it's hard for others to understand her when she talks. That special "sister thing" we have going, makes it so that i can understand what she is saying, even when my parents and other sister can't.

Carly is my hero because she isn?t (too) afraid to try new things. Carly is always herself and she is always making and keeping new friends everywhere she goes. She will fearlessly stroll over and kill the spider crawling on my wall while i cower in a ball in the corner.

Carly has such a joyful spirit. I know that there is a special reason that God gave me a "special" sister. And i know that one of those reasons has to be so she can help me with patience, especially with her.

It is difficult for me sometimes when she doesn?t understand something. Especially if i am already in a bad mood.

My sister has taught me numerous things. But most importantly, Carly has taught me how to love people. She has such a servant?s heart for others. She teaches me not to judge others based on what they look like. She's taught me to look at peoples' hearts the way God does. and to love them the way Jesus does.

So when you ask me why my sister is my hero; the one with Down Syndrome, it's because she can teach me things no one else can.

Thank you God for sisters like Carly, that teach us valuable lessons silently and in their own way. I don't think I'll ever stop learning ♥
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Favorite Book
Maximum Ride series, or The Shack
Favorite Writer
Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson
Favorite Book Genre
fiction, fanticy
Favorite Band or Artist
Goo Goo Dolls and Nickelback
Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Movie
Up, Wall-E, A Walk to Remember, City of Angels
Favorite Artist
Personal Quote
Live ♫ Laugh ☻ Love♥

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