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Just like every recipe calls for different ingredients, different cooking time, preparation times, every food photograph is different from another. Light is my pantry of ingredients. Every food requires a different style of lighting, different point of view, and different plating. Some say that food is the way to a man’s heart; I would say that food is the way to my clients. I enjoy photographing food, in any situation, any environment; it’s what I like to do.

We are bombarded with photography every day. Grocery stores use photography to sell their products, the pages of newspapers are filled with images from photographers everywhere, even popular networking sites allow people to follow others through their travels and journeys by photographs. Billboards advertise with photography, restaurants build menus around photography; it’s in our lives every day thrown at us, like tomatoes at a bad comedian.

When someone says, “I hate you, you’re making me hungry,” I know I’m doing my job. If that is the one reason that anyone could hate me, I hope to be hated by everyone.

The world of photography has always fascinated me, and it seems that I’ve had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. Food photography hasn’t always been my field of interest, but I continue working towards an artistic and appealing food portfolio. I’m always striving to make my work look the best that it can be, and if it makes you hungry, hate me.
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