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My name is Kimberly D. Walker. I was born on July 20, 1990 in Greenville, MS to Mr. Nathaniel E. Walker and Mrs. Annie J. Walker. I have one sibling whose name is Joshua N. Walker. In 2008, I graduated from high school and decided to pursue my passion in Graphic Design at Northwest Mississippi Community College. Family issues began to arise so I had eventually had to withdraw from school and move to Chicago, IL where my mother and father was residing. I have been residing in Chicago, IL for two years now. I am currently attending Olive-Harvey College where I am pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Art. Growing up my mother and father encouraged my brother and I to attend church and that's a pure passion that I have to do. In my spare time I enjoy drawing, learning new and challenging things, and reading. After receiving my degree, I plan on continuing my education and further my abilities to earn an outstanding and good paying career. The major events in my life that helped to open my eyes to a more broader and clearer vision about life itself is struggling as a child to erase abuse and pain, graduating from high school, and losing my grandmother. In my childhood, I went through many hardships with my family which led me to become the person I am today and will lead me to become even better than I am. I have learned that pain only arise to make someone strong and strive to be an inspiring, proficient, and loyal individual. I encourage everyone that I will come in contact with in my life or every individual who will read my book to understand that life will through them curve balls and everything will not be what they want it to be, but they have to stay focused on their goals and ambitions.
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