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I am a mother of two biological sons and my oldest son's best friend,who I reaised as my own as well, They are geat boys and I am very prooud of them. They are the inspiration of my urege to write about keeping kids safe. I have beed sucessful up to this point of keeping them safe and healthy. Now that my two oldest are in their mid twenties and my youngest is 6, I have beed faced with the same issues with him as I did with the older boys. It is time that I stop thinking about it and do something about it. I come from a family of police officers in Los Angeles and I also worked as a 911 dispatcher. This will be a series of books for kids between the age of 4 years to 10 years old. Then a series of books for pre-teens 11 years to 15years old, and then teen book 15 to 18 ears old. There is also a book being compiled that will be for a child at birth and will follow that childs life changes and pertenant information that will assist the authorities is something heaven forbid ever happen to them. If nothing ever tragic happens over the course of that persons life, it will be a "My Life" Book to pass on to family members to know who there family were.
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