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Hi, my name is Kimberly Reddy.
I currently live in Salem, OR. I love the northwest and the Pacific Ocean. I was born in Fiji, which is an Island in the south pacific. I taught a few years of high school in Fiji, before meeting my ex-husband who was a peace-corp volunteer from Corvallis, OR. I obtained my bachelors in biochemistry and chemistry from University of Washington in Seattle.
I worked for a research company called infometrix in Seattle as a research associate for a year. Then I went through a divorce. After being out of the working world for a few years made it impossible to secure a job in the science field. I ventured into retail sales, managed a few RadioShack retail locations, and joined Walmart, in Reno, NV, in October 2007. After working at a few different Walmart locations in Nevada, California, and Oregon, I quit this past December to complete my MAED; mission accomplished.
I enjoy traveling and learning new ideas. Reading is my passion; I like to read biographical books and novels that employ factual events. I enjoy playing chess and other board games. Love to play tennis as well. I like to take long walks and spend time with friends and family, whenever possible.
Currently, I am an MBA student at Kaplan University, the online division.
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The Davinci Code
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Dan Brown
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Rascal Flatts
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Open your heart, mind & soul find nirvana

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