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My name is Grace Ellen Perry. My favorite song is Blackout by; Breath Carolina. Brody, have been nice to me. My top 3 favorite singers are Keith Urban, Flo Rida, and Chris Clouse. I was born on December 27th, 1996 in New Jersey. When October of 2005 came, I moved to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh County. I’m a huge fan of basketball. I like to listen to music, type on my computer, write poems, and make rubber band balls. My mom, (Tammy) and dad, (William) are the reason I’m on this earth. My top 3 favorite colors are, black, blue and pink. I live in a beautiful county named Lehigh. My top 3 favorite bands are Nickelback, Lifehouse, and the Fray. I like to wear Nike shoes, shirts, pants, and sox. I like to draw pictures of the B104 logo. I like to spell cool, k-o-o-l. I like to spell because, c-u-z. I go to school at the Allentown New Story. I’m on 2 different meds, Strattera and Abilify. I was born with O.C.D. and autism. I like Papermate pencils because they write the best. I’ll never forget 2011 because my DSi turned 1 on December 13th, my dell laptop decided to have a meltdown, B104 turned 50, and I got over Adam Young. Pretty typical, eh? I want to thank Mike Kelly and Steph Wells for being my friends. I also want to thank God for giving me my writing skill because without it, An Adventure to Remember would never have come into existence. I want to thank my grandmother for my Dell laptop, because without it, An Adventure to Remember would never have been typed. THANK YOU!
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C.S. Lewis
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Keith Urban
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Eight Below
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