vitebsk, belarus
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I was born in Vitebsk, Belarus and moved to California when I was 5. I was into ballet from age 8 to age 12, ballroom dancing from age 12 to 15, on top of that I played the viola, at one time in my life piano, swimming, art lessons, and more. My parents always took me to theaters, museums, great stores, and in all gave me a great life. But behind all that I slowly began smoking Marijuana and taking other drugs. Drinking became a problem as well. At days that I wasn't high and came back into normal sober life I couldn't handle my family, I left home a lot, skipped school, should've died at least 4 times. But when i was high I didn't go out and do something stupid, (well not always), instead most of the time i sat down and wrote about how at that moment i saw the world in front of me. And that world changed every day. It still does. This year just before my 16th birthday i spent a month in rehab, met my real dad, and made friends and relationships with people back in Belarus that have changed my view on our world yet again. Keeping in mind everything I've learned and what my experiences led me to do and create, i'm currently trying to find my personal meaning here. I hope this book is one of them.
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the host
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paulo coelho
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non fiction
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macklemore, deathcab for cutie, guf, basta
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all depending on song
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too many favorites
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andrei sotnikov
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here and now, not there and then.

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