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Dorian Petersen Potter (aka ladydp2000.)She's been writing poetry since 1970 and had been painting since 1977.Since then she had studied many forms and art techniques.Through many different schools, art teachers and many professional painters and artists too.But she's mostly self-taught.She's mostly a traditional painter, but still she loves painting in other styles, like the Wet on Wet technique of Bob Ross, William Alexander, etc.And other decorative painters like Donna Dewberry with her "One stroke Painting Technique" and many others painters in that tradition.She paints in different mediums, but her favorites are oils, acrylics and color pencil drawing.She's been studying and making a lot of Pergamano(Parchment craft)for the last 8 years or so.She's been published in the past years, in numerous anthologies and some poetry magazines too.In her free time she loves to read a lot of fictional and non-fictional books .She enjoys to read a lot of poetry, especially from the classical poets she likes and also some of the comtemporary poets in the web she likes a lot.Among her favorite classical poets of all time are:D.H.Lawrence,Edgar Allan Poe,Robert Frost,Pablo Neruda,Poe,Lord Byron,Dylan Thomas,Emily Dickensen,Yeats,Rudyard Kipling,Robert Frost,Helen Steiner Rice,Robert W.Service,and many,many others.Her favorite painters of all time are: Vincent Van Gogh,Dali,Rembrandt,Bob Ross,Donna Dewberry, and many others,too many here to mention. Some of her very favorite authors are: J.R.R.Tolkien,J.K.Rowling,Stephen King,Nora Roberts,Victoria Holt,C.S.Lewis,and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm(The Grimm Brothers)Dr.Seus,Jane Austen,Charlotte Bronte etc.Some of her favorite books of all time,among many are: the Bible,the LOTR,Harry Potter,Gone with the Wind,The Mist of Avalon,Jane Eyre,etc just to mention some.
She's so happy to be here, and meet a lot of wonderful poets and friends.Thank you for spending some time reading some of her work.She hopes that you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoys writing it too.Thank you again for visiting "POETIC DREAMS" and for all your kindness and support.So read,write and enjoy poetry!

May God bless you all!

With love,

~Dorian Petersen Potter
(aka ladydp2000)
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