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Lauren A. Boerner (Lauren Ashley Boerner) was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April of 1990. She went through the Pennsbury School district until high school when she was accepted to the Bucks County Technical High School. She graduated in June of 2008 with her high school diploma and her CNA certification. She took up working at a local hospital while she attended Bucks County Community College for a degree in History.

Writing has always been a hobby as she grew up, wanting to be like the great authors who wrote the book she read. She began writing as a way to change endings she did not think was suitable just to write. Soon she moved to writing fanfiction for people all over the world where she was introduced to the National Novel Writing Month by another writer. Participating for her first time in November of 2009 she was able to win and pass the 50,000 word goal, continuing on to finish and publish her first novel early in 2010.

She currently is working as a CNA at the local hospital while still attending the community college and working on her next book to be published. She still lives in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her mother, father, younger brother, boyfriend, and the many animals she likes to address as her 'zoo'.
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i love all the books that i have read equally
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Feist, Zalazney, Rowling, Tolken, and many more
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Science Fiction

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