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I’m Hailey Kinsey and I have a very long story to tell you. Now let me tell you about my childhood. Let’s start on October 19th of 1992. On this day the physical abuse of my father had started. Now I don’t know why my father abused me. My father was an addicted smoker. He was a very scary and lazy man. He stood about 6feet tall and me well I was not even 2 feet. My mother protected me in every way possible, but she wasn’t always home. She was always running errands for my father. We moved on and off first to Eagle River, Alaska and then back to Anchorage, Alaska. The first apartment we lived in *Anchorage* was light blue and was pretty small. There were two rooms. Our living room was connected to our kitchen. The second apartment we lived in was just down the street from the last apartment. The apartment was dark brown with a green trim. I despised those two colors together! Finally when I was a little over two years old…my mother and I were out of the apartment in which we lived in with my father. In 1995 the divorce was completely filed. Now let’s go straight to my kindergarten year

Shouting over the entire ruckus the children were making Mrs.Culip looked like she was going to have a heart attack.
“Hailey! You are not a pet! You are a human being…a child!”
I looked at my shoes as if it wasn’t my fault, but really it was.
“Yes Mrs.Culip”
“Okay class try to….
I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence I more focused on what I had done. “Barking and meowing is completely unladylike” Mrs.Culip had said many times before, but I never really listened. I felt like crying and I felt sick. The sound of her sharp cruel voice was painful to me. Being a little girl you know of coarse your going to run wild! I just don’t understand why she doesn’t?
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The Spy
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Stephen King
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India Arie and David Bowie
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Rock,metal,soft rock,pop,techno....
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Space Balls?

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