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I am Lena's daugher, Linda. I must admit that I had many muffins and desserts delivered to my place of employement, and you could smell them. Everyone in the office would be in a hurry to follow that smell so they would not be left out. My son, Jeff, was often the recipient of Gran's cooking....the firetruck would drive up to Mom's door and pick up the goodies. I know many people would arrive home after a day of work and be pleasantly surprised by the treats left in their kitchen. Mom even hid treats in the cupboard so any animals of the residence would not get a head start on these baked goods.
Mom will long be remembered and talked about because of these special surprises.
I have a confession: My friends and family are all aware of this, and it became a joke over the years. Whenever I would take a dessert to a dinner party or a gathering, I would walk in proud of my fabulous offering. I would explain how I made it, and everyone believed it....I would be giggling inside. Somehow I was found out, but I still insisted each time that I made this goody. So, as I said, it became a joke! Now that Mom is gone, it is certainly difficult to make something I buy look homemade! but I manage.
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