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I love conversations, both as a listener and a talker. I’m fond of talking about sensible stuff with sensible people. I talk without getting bored stiff.

I can be happy on little things. I can get along with anybody very well too. I’m the type of person who’s not comfortable to have enemies because I enjoy walking along the road with my sweetest smile while greeting all my friends I happen to pass by. Have I already mentioned I’m sweeter than honey and friendlier than a politician?

And oh, I simply love to eat. I can eat like I’m all whacked!

I laugh at the top of my lungs when I’m overly happy and I break down when I’m hurting. If I’m upset, I often talk to myself. I find it hard to hide my sentiments. You can see through me.

Criticisms can’t crash me down, they even make me whole. I’m often most affected by what I feel, not by what I hear.

When I love, I do it selflessly. I’m very caring and schmaltzy. I have a boyfriend. And I love him so much to think of a home with him in the future. I’m happy when he is. I feel like an open book to him.

My thoughts are God’s gift to me. I may have a heart of a kid but I possess the wisdom of a connoisseur. I know that my weird and wonderful thoughts can bring me on the horizon and take me anywhere impossible. I believe I have something to prove everyone. And that is yet to be anticipated.

Thank you for reading guys. May God bless us all!
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