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I grew up in a not-so-amazing house. Im not what you would call "normal" either. When my parents split up I went into this dark depression and never left it. My mom always told everyone it was just a faze but I new better then to believe that one. I begain to be very intrested in dark colored clothes and black clothes. I was the labled kid through out middle school as of right now almost being done with eighth grade. My lable was emo at first and now its goth witch i am begaining to like the way that sounds now-a-days. But i know who i am and i am not just some lazy word that is suppost to put me in a certain group of people when i hit high school. I will not be that person who lets someone push them around like a rag doll so they can feel better about themselves. I will stand up for who i am and no one can do a damn thing about it...if you have questions about me ask more thing im going to say is that im bisexual and a christian.
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