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About few years ago, I embarked on a journey of writing middle grade and young adult literature. My goal was to write something unusual that could potentially impact the mainstream world and the Christian world.

In 2011, my writing interest veered toward something uniquely inspirational and thought-provoking (at least to me). For I began to LOOK at words and the Word of God differently. I began to HEAR words and the Word of God uniquely, too.

So, the result is this book: What’s in a word, What’s in the Word of God.

I hope this book inspires readers to seek out the mysteries in scriptures as found in the Bible and what I term, the wordworld around us. As WORDS, APHABETS, and SYMBOLS have the ability to cast spells on us—for better or for worse.

(WARNING: Some of the ideas presented may prove controversial, but its purpose is to provoke thought about words and the word of God.)
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