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In 1980 I came to America as a refugee with my only family who I love deeply and none of this could have been possible without you's! My mother Nisaya (Emai) Vongsouvanh who had to struggle all her life and devote everything and made all the sacrifices she had to in order for us to eat. As a single mother raising her 4 little babies in a country which was not hers' but soon became her homeland, learned how to speak English and made the best of every bad situation and always found a way, yes indeed a true warrior fighting an everyday struggle and never showed weakness and don't know what it means to QUIT! My twin brother Manoloth (Lo) Vongsouvanh, baby sis Manilai (Julie) Vongsouvanh, big sis Chiptrasong (Chip) Ramos. Now as a proud father of a 15yr old daughter which I honorably named after my beautiful, strong but yet so gentle mother, Nisaya (DADDY'S LITTLE MONSTER) Maria Vongsouvanh. 'MONSTER" I can never get tired of saying that, a nickname that i gave her as a baby but I will explain more as we travel...... Threw the Flavor Dimensions.
As a child I always had dig dreams, chasing them, of one day being strong minded, soulful, peaceful, loving, respectful and well respected and most importantly I wanted to be an artist. I loved to draw and express what i feeling and most importantly who I was.... Ultimately I stop chasing and made my dreams came true and I became an Artist!
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