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I was born in Washington D.C. but grew up in Calcutta, India.

I moved to California in 1978.

I had Tara in 1984 and Jordan in 1992.

I worked at various restaurants when Tara was little, The Ritz, in Newport Beach was one. It is there that I learned a few things which I still use today.

I also worked as a supermarket checker. There I had to learn to identify different fruits and vegetables. All this helped me get better in the kitchen.

When I "grew up" and began working in the medical field, I started to pay more attention to nutrition, so I now try and cook with health and nutrition in mind. I believe that anything in moderation is fine.

Recently, I re-married, another Italian, and re-located to Charlotte NC. So, now I am trying to cook more Italian foods. Who knows maybe one day I will add "Down Home Cooking" to my

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