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Randy McNeil is 27 years of age and comes from a family of three siblings, raised by his mother Marrilyn in Detroit Michigan. Randy came from a poor and troubled background from welfare to homelessness, he went through great adversity at a very early age. Randy is known as a humble, honest and a very charismatic person by nature. He has a delightful sense of humor and has great report with anyone he meets. Randy is a very driven & determined person. He took all of the adversity and quickly turned it into triumph, by owning his own home and becoming a entrepreneur from scratch. He began his business with selling art work, because he is extremely gifted in that field. His business grew substantially and he soon became successful, by diligent effort and long hours of study to reach his goal. Today, Randy is a Financial Consultant, Real Estate Investor and Spiritual Adviser. A well educated entrepreneur and owner of multiple companies in multiple industries. He is well know for his Charitable work and working with the youth. Randy attended many training programs, including S.E.E.P., Tri-County Multi Trade Center, Center for Creative Studies and Gail Mason's Money Camp just to name a few.

Currently, Randy has many projects under way. One of these Projects is Instant Millions 1. It is a product of Lord Q enterprises inc., under Wealth Creation Services LLC. This program is a three component Financial Service that includes wealth building, Financial Planning and Management. He has supplied all the tools you'll need in this program to have financial freedom and maintain your finances for insured success. Today this program is a great success and has become a world wide phenomenon.
Over one million copies sold and award winning costumer service has gained a tremendous costumer satisfaction rate.

Along with this crowning achievement, Randy is a well sought after Spiritual Adviser to Major Corporate, Religious and Political figures, and also provides his services publicly, though his other program/company Real Mind Power LLC.
Randy is also evolved in public speaking engagements, Seminars and many other public services.
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