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There is life and there is art. Silence is not an option, unless everyone agrees to be silent. It takes time to be a poet, it takes time to be a writer. I am a songwriter. If I have anything to show for my life it is these songs.

People say I never finished anything. These songs are finished. They are done. They have been sung in front of audiences of 1 to 500. They have been critically acclaimed. By Doc Pomus, by Lynn Samuels, by Pete Blanford.

Sometimes I can listen to myself. Sometimes I can’t. My own words keep flying back at me. In tone form, rhyming and rhythmically reminding me of who I am.. Such a blessing, such a curse.

These are my songs. They are all I own. They are not all I have because I have a family and friends. But people are not possessions.

These songs are mine. These songs are me. Many songwriters I’ve met are worried about their songs being stolen, These are my songs.
Take them
Steal them
Use them
Please be my guest. They can be yours.
They remain mine.
To be able to give and keep the same thing at the same time. That is art.

Everyone has their own song. Find it.

Many people sit down and try to write songs. They have a methodic approach to their craft. This is not how it works with me.

These songs are my conscience.
These songs are my heart
Theses songs are something telling me something walking the streets of Manhattan as a messenger by the end of the day.

These songs are feedback from my view of the world. What goes in my eyes, in my mouth, in my ears comes out in these songs.

Hunted Submarines, Painted Air Craft Carriers, Fell in love, Washed Dishes, Got Married, Lived in New York, Maine, Virginia, Tended Bar, Crossed the Atlantic, Flown Through the Bermuda Triangle, Fathered Three Children, Swept Floors, Washed Trucks, Bagged Dog Food, Carried Messages, Printed, Cooked Short Orders, Driven Trucks, Gone to School

Through these times people have told me to give up. Get a real job. The sky will not open for you.. Face the facts.

Many times I have tried to take this advice. But the new songs still come, and the older ones come back and I must find somewhere to sing.

I hope someday when asked what their father does my kids can say “singer-songwriter” with pride and without hesitation.
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