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ZR Chertok is a Boston native by way of Beverly where he grew up. Having grown up in a largely homogeneous community, ZR Chertok sought out every opportunity to experience the world and get exposure to diversity both ethnically and culturally. His attendance at McGill University in Montreal, QC exposed him to a melting pot student environment with the university being home to the most diverse student body in the world in its class. ZR Chertok prides himself on the world perspective he has gotten by being exposed to the different people he has had the fortune to interact with and he consistently uses his experiences to fuel his insight into how the world functions, works, and thinks. As a trained civil engineer, ZR Chertok is currently getting ready to pursue a JD MBA in engineering business and law to further his belief that the playing field should be level for everyone so that opportunities are justly distributed and so that no one individual gets to make up their own rules as to how
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Good Earth
Favorite Writer
Pearl Buck
Favorite Book Genre
Archeological Adventure
Favorite Band or Artist
The Killers
Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Movie
Rush Hour
Favorite Artist
Red Grooms

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