Coral Springs

About Me
Resilient, creative, nostalgic, and idealistic. A woman hell bent on defining her core and expressing it via art, music, and in writing. I am more conservative than my gifted and talented parents, children and siblings but I inherently share the same mindset. Teaching, for me, is a way to learn more about who I am and to help bring out the spirit of the "inner child" ... Hence, my major in Psychobiology. I guess you can say that I spend a lot of time wrestling my inner nerd (smile) and whenever I can pin it down, I seek the free fall. I think, when I learn to free fall, I will finally be free. Free and happy. Or like my sister Lynne likes to say, "fly".
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Thousand and One Nights
Favorite Writer
Shakespeare, Ancient & Medieval
Favorite Book Genre
Mythology & Folklore
Favorite Band or Artist
Eclectic. Evolving and Changing all the time!
Favorite Music Genre
Smooth Jazz, R&B, Rap Rock, Rock, Funk
Favorite Movie
Hachi: A Dog's Story (2009)
Favorite Artist
Fine Art (Too many to name)
Personal Quote
Just watch me!

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