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This book is a library of Mae's recipies. Mary Helen McCaskill Ozimek showed her love by cooking for family, friends, and many others. Everyone was welcome at her table. She would "Serve small, feed all" when extra guests would show up at the table.

Mae was born to Scottish immigrants, Mary and Duncan McCaskill, on July 31 1935. She and her siblings Jessie, Julia, Grace, Roberta, and Duncan were raised in Garwood,NJ. Scottish recipies her mother taught her were always a tradition during the holidays.

After high school, Mae met Stanley Ozimek While staying with an aunt in Buffalo, NY. They married in 1954. Stanley was traditional polish family so Mary learned to cook traditional polish recipies from her mother -in-law, Anna.

Mae and Stan raised four boys and eventually their family included seven grandchildren. There is always something good to eat at Nana and Pa's house.

In 1976, after the passing of her beloved mother, Mary and Stan opened Mae's Deli in Delaware Township. The restaraunt was a place where locals would stop for a bite to eat and catch up on local "news".

Although it would be impossible to record all the recipes that Mae had cooked through the years , hopefully this book will remind us of all the special moments shared growing up in Mae's kitchen.
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