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Aloha my name is Kayla-Al Kaluau and as apart of my senior project I completed a research paper that was trying to prove that architecture could greatly be related to culinary arts with an emphasis in Pastry. I began this assignment with the intent that I could prove to everyone that these two occupations related to in the fact that they were perfectly the same. I found that I had a very hard time proving that they were exactly alike. But through research I came to find that there were many similarities between these very different occupations that are key to success in each industry. This caused for a great thesis and many hours behind the scenes doing research and making connections between the two jobs. Although I am not a physicist, great artist or a mathematician I was able to find many things that relate to one another. A pastry chef’s job requires many different aspects that architecture involves. Some of the include math, science, and art. The concepts are the same for each the only difference is that architecture is something that may require math that is a little more precise where as in baking there isn’t as much of a risk if calculations are off. Yet, each and every occupation is important and each occupation involves making someone’s wishes come true.
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