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Marskesha Dean is a young lady, who was born in New York City, but raised in Marion, SC. She is a Christian and loves the Lord with all her might. She is the youngest 5 siblings all together. Two of the oldest sisters still reside in NY, but two more older sisters who resides both in Marion, SC. Markesha resides with her mother, Cassandra McKelvy, who has taught her so many things in life, including how to love and care for people, because this is a distinguished characteristic of her mom, who genuinely loves people. Markesha has attended the public schools of Marion School District One, as well as attended colleges and universities throughout her secondary educational career, such as a designer school in New York, as well as Francis Marion University in Florence, SC, which is a Liberal Arts College/University. Markesha has a passion to help others, she enjoys media and working with different types of media. She has studied German, as well as cultivated a love for writing throughout the years with poetry, articles, as well as short stories, in which out of her passion for writing this book came about!
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