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My name is madison sartori and I dont really like reading alot of books,but i like writting them and comming yp with storys.My grandmother loves to read books.She has over 500 books.Some of her favorites authors have signed their own books that she loves to read.She just had a stroke about 2 months ago,and can only read about 1 book a day.She used to be able to read 4 a day and about 30 in a 7 day week.My life is diffucult.Although i am not good in writting and it takes me a couple of minutes to write about something.Once i start though i cant seem to start in class we have to write a short story sometimes about 3 days ago we had to write a short story in 8 minutes.He said it didnt have to be finished though.when I start a short stoy i forget its a short story,and i keep writting i wrote 3 pages with over 600 words in 8 minutes and i was so pround i really enjoy wriiting.
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