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For those who don't know me, I am a pure Slytherin. I'm ambitiuos, cunning and a bitch. As my dear friend Sammy(Makayla) said, I belong in the Bitch Ditch. I love Quidditch, though I am not on the team. My favorite team of all time, is The Chuddly Cannons. I used to have a black cat, but he died on year after getting too close to the Whomping Willow.
I'm good at Potions, and Divination, but the other subjects are tricky, not as bad as Arithmocracy. Professor Snape is my favorite Professor, as I am one of his favorite students, though Professor Slughorn is an entertaining teacher to say the least.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have an aditude and I know how to use it so don't get me pissed. I am forced everyday to go to School(A.k.a; shit-hole for losers.) and I hate it! Haha, I swear like a sailor appearently, I mean, I'm not denying it, lol. I hate fake bitches, and I love pissin off my teachers. I'm a bit of a rebal, if thats how u wanna describe me than go ahead. I dnt care what anyone thinks of me, I dnt put up a front, I'm real. I'm myself, and I like it. Hahahaha, I have a dirty mind, and make innopropreate comments. It's fun to hang with my friends, and swim. So, y'all motha fucka's stop fuckin around with oil and shit. It's not nice to the cute little fishies and seals, and penguins and stuff. Even them ugly ass fish itz not nice. I wanna be part of the people who like help take care of like Tigers, lions and wild animals. Hahaha, if you need any more info(STALKER!!!!!!) just ask;) I am uncoditionally and irrevacobly in love with Ronald Billius Weasley‚ô• I'm uncoordinated, like Bella, but I would never choose the sparkly fairy bitch over he hot werewolf with abs:) I enjoy Shane Dawson, and the IJustine game. My fave song is Smell Yo Dick, but Risky:P and Fred Figglehorn In Christmas Ass; The official Shane Dawson Spoof. If I skateboard, I will fall flat on my face, as Jackie witnessed. I have no balance and there fore, cannot skate without a toddler holdy-on thing.
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