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Ava Marie, you’re a beautiful little girl! I know these few days have been a huge whirl. Through it all one thing remains constant, the smile on your face, and through all your little gestures God’s presence in this place. I know we are all thinking “how this can be”, I’m sure we’ve all said, “I wish it was me.” God has a plan he knows that you’re strong, and since you’ve been in your mother’s womb he has known you all along. He created you in his image with his loving care, although you were perfection God knew he had to share! So after nine months of waiting the time was finally near, and before we knew it you were already here! We were overjoyed; we couldn’t have waited one more day, to love you up and of course for many hours of play. The past 10 months have been a blast, and sometimes hardships come, but through faith in Jesus we know they don’t last. We are so blessed to have spent many funny moments with you, but those facial expressions you given, where they’ve came from? We have not a clue! O Little Miss Ava you’re an inspiration to all, a sign of God’s enormous love for us even though you’re so small. God knows how strong you are and how much you can endure; he knows you will keep fighting until there is a cure. The days a head might be rough, and we all might start to get down. When that starts to happen look to Jesus to turn it around! Jesus loves you 100 times as much of all the love in the world put together, and we have faith if he could create such a miracle, it should be no problem to make her better! We all miss you so much our sweet little Lady, hugs and love from your Uncle Tony, Auntie Annie, Maggie, and Aunt Katie!
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