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Amanda Fletcher was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. She moved to central Kentucky to attend college and has stayed there through her twenties. Her love for the culinary arts started with a lesson on fractions and a little pink oven heated by a lightbulb. "I would always ask my father to break down my mom's recipes so the portion sizes were appropiate for my oven. It quickly turned into a daily lessons on fractions, way before I had to learn them in school." She would use her miniture treats as gifts for the neighborhood children or for her older sisters' boyfriends'. Always having the love for cooking and baking for others, she decided to make this initial piece to share with friends and loved ones. Her southern roots are evident in rich flavors of many of her creations, while her love for travel and other cultures often shows up in the presentation or as an execpted pop for your tastebuds. Although new to the the "foodie" scene this book is guarnteed to have something for everyone.
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