Las Vegas
About Me
Im a mother of a beautiful little girl named Marianna Jade. She's my life my world. I am almost 19 and very much in love with a man named Zach that means everything in this world to me as well. I wouldnt be me today if i werent with him and my little girl. I love to have fun but i have my limits for sure. I dont like girls and all their drama. I dont like boys and all their games. I have two brothers, one older- Andrew, and one younger- Michael. My mom is my mom- Melinda, and my dad is just another partying teen thats more of a friend_ Kelly. Well thats me in a nut shell. Anything else, just hit me up.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
I love a million little pieces, and She's come undone, and White oleander
Favorite Book Genre
i love mystery and non-fiction
Favorite Band or Artist
to many to name
Favorite Music Genre
R&B, country, oldies, contemporary, rock, rap
Favorite Movie
to many to name
Personal Quote
jus cuz someone dont love the way you want em to, dont mean they dont love you with all they have!"

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