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I was raised in the Catholic Faith since birth. I lived with my mother who was a practicing and devout Catholic. She took my sister and I to mass every Sunday, we observed all Holy Days of Obligation, made all our Sacraments and attended Catholic Elementary and High School. I thought I knew everything there was to know about being Catholic. I had a very close relationship with God and Jesus and loved my faith but I did not know how much I did not understand until I went to college.

Why did I write this book:
Upon studying many different religions at Whittier College for General Ed. credits, I began to question WHY us Catholics do what we do and what is the history and meaning behind all we say and do. This was when I began to research for myself what our Catholic faith was all about instead of just saying and doing what I was told to do. I searched for answers and explanations to many questions that did not make sense to me. Questions like, "Why do we confess sins to a priest and not directly to God?" And "Why is The Holy Spirit and Mother Mary so important instead of just God and Jesus?"
I found all the answers to my questions and the origination of these beliefs from reliable and academic sources. After my research and questions were answered, I developed a deeper knowledge, love and respect for our Catholic Faith and became HONORED to call myself a Catholic. My relationship with Jesus and God strengthened through this new understanding so I give this book to my children, niece and nephews so that they can have the understanding of our faith and know what it means to be a Catholic.
I am very grateful to my mother for introducing the Catholic Faith to me but I feel fortunate to have ventured out on my own to understand the real meaning of what it means to be a Catholic.
This book does not cover all our Catholic beliefs but it is a starter so Welcome to Our Beautiful Faith Young Catholic Children. Enjoy the family photos in this book. God Bless you.
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