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As I have grown in my spirituality, I strive every day to be just a little bit better to give a bit more and to love a bit more. Which isn't always easy. Over time with the support and Love from My husband Dennis, my mother Terry and the acceptance of my weirdness from my children Skyler, Jozlynn, Lily, JJ, Andrew and Alex I have been able to grow freely in my spirituality. Through spiritual development, I have discovered a gift for psychic readings and energy healing. The more I delved into my spiritual practice, the more I was drawn into meditation. The more I was drawn into meditation, the more messages I would receive. I am a psychic medium, astrologer and psychic healer. Through my work, I hope that you are able to find love, light, and healing. And quickly discover that you are never alone. The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you.
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