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We have four great kids. Grant, Brooklyn, Brinlee and Craig. There is never a boring moment in our house. We love it and would never change it. Grant has Autism and it can make things very exciting to say the least. He loves dinosaurs and stuffed animals and is a very loving little guy. Brooklyn is our dare devil she is always saying the funniest things and is a great sister. Brinlee is a sweetheart and is following in her sisters foot steps, she loves dollies and playing with her big sis. Craig is always smiling and full of fun and giggles. Mike works for C.T.B that is short for Certified Testing and Balancing he has worked for them for about 8 years. He is a hard worker. He is the Elders Quorum instructor in our ward and loves it. He is a wonderful dad. He love to play and spend time with the kids. He is a very supportive and loving husband. I love him dearly. I get to spending my days at home with our cute kids. I am on the Ward Activities Leader, so I get to plan all the fun stuff. We are a very blessed family, we have are trials but have learned much from them. We have a wonderful extended family and friends and would be lost with out them.
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