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My full name is Max Christopher Fernandez. Born in San Jose California on August 20, 1984 to August and Deborah Fernandez. Youngest of eleven siblings and half siblings. Life started for me in Almaden Valley, on the southern edge of San Jose, where my family owns a ranch. Growing up in the country is a major part of who I am. Whether feeding the cows or riding dirt bikes through the countryside, I loved it all.

Some of my first memories, amongst others, are of watching my dad operate his tractor and of playing in my sandbox with toy tractors. The first time my dad let me "operate" the tractor was a dream come true for me at the time. I was five years old and he sat with me while I rototilled the orchard. I felt like a big shot on my giant sandbox toy.

From then on my parents would have me do small chores on the ranch using the various equipment. Over time I got better and better and eventually grew what I like to think of as a bond with the equipment. When I was 16 years old I was working for the family business operating tractors during the summer. Grading, planting trees, digging trenches, I began to relize that the better I was on equipment, the less I have to break my back at work.

Being a teenager in high school with a car and cash in my pocket from working was a great feeling. My girlfriend Karla and I had fun ,and surprisingly, stayed out of trouble. I now understood the value of work and tried always to work when there was a chance to make a buck. At age 17 we moved in together, and at 18 my son Joseph Anthony was born into our loving home.

Work was now more important than ever before, I had to feed my family. Being that young and starting a family forced me to get serious about my future, meaning, make more money. I tried various career options that I thought might lead to a better future for my family, but in the end, operating equipment was the best choice. Pay was good but work was seasonal, and that was scary at times. I would do small handyman type jobs on the side when I could.

Work has been good for more than a few years now and our little Juliana was born along the way. Second to my family, another passion of mine is writing new stories and drawing new ideas. While on the life long journey of exploring my inner artist, I have written stories, series', created characters, worlds and invented my own style while doing so. If you pick up a book by Max, you won’t want to put it down until you’re done.
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