I live in MI.
10 (5th grade)
About Me
Hi! My name is Meg101, but people know me as Megan. I love the song “Call me Maybe”! I love Art! My favorite actor is Josh Hutcherson! I love to doodle on my free time. My Best friends are MONSTER, Falling Star, Mocking Jay Luver, and Maggie! I am writing a couple books so check them out. If you are not my friend on bookemon yet, and know me in person feel free to send me a request! My favorite color is Lime Green, and Yes I am a Michigan State fan! Some of my hobbies are reading, drawing, doodling, sketching, talking to my friends, hanging out with my friends, and poking dead things with sticks! If u ask anyone of my friends they will most likely say that I am very talk-a-tive. I am a straight A student. My favorite animal is an Owl. My interests or thing I like are Basketball, Gymnastics, and Pocking Dead things with sticks.Thanks for reading! I know it is a bit long.Sorry, I am talk-a -tive even online.

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Carly Rea Jepsen
Favorite Music Genre
Song: Call Me Maybe
Favorite Movie
Journey 2
Favorite Artist
Actor: Josh Hutcherson
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Meg101's Quote: "I am ME, You are YOU"

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