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My name is Justin Merrill. I was born on March 26, 1992 in New York, New York. At the age 13 I started practicing something known as lucid dreaming and at the same age is when I started reading about the zombie apocalypse and the Renaissance. With a very over reactive imagination after logging my dream my subconscious could turn what was a normal day dream or dream into a world i never wanted to leave. Weather it would be on vacation on a beach or a trip to the alps. As long as i had some information on what a place would be and feel like i could go anywhere in the world but be back in time for breakfast. It wasn't until that i had fallen in love with what i see to be the most amazing girl in the world that i could no longer control my dreams and they were running wild. Which leads me to this story that your about it read, I hope it makes your mind wander because it did mine.
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