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Alexis Lopez grew up in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles and attended school in the San Fernando Valley, and graduated from Los Angeles High School 1995. He was introduced to the game of baseball when he was eight years of age, playing Northeast Little League, Whittier and Chino Pony Baseball, South Gate Pony and High School Baseball. He is well taught and very knowledgeable of the game of baseball. He attended some college, and has always been an advocate for young youth. He began working with youth in 1996, being a mentor in South Los Angeles area for YIP (Youth Intervention Program), and then coaching at various parks. He grew an interest in Law and had a great four years with Orange County Probation where he helped at-risk youth with counseling and transitional homes. In 2002, he decided to take his career a step further by joining the Los Angeles Police Department, and worked various job assignments. While working as Police Officer, he consistently spent time with his nephews coaching and mentoring them toward a better life. He has coached little league for the past three years in South Los Angeles area District 25, and took a young minor team to the semi-finals (Tournament of Champions) for the first time in league history.
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