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Michelle Marshall was born in 1990 in Sherman Oaks California where she lived for 21 years with her family. Growing up, Michelle practiced Martial Arts and when she was 15, she received her black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Once in high school, Michelle began to dabble in theatre, starring in multiple plays for the drama department at her high school. By the time high school ended, Michelle was ready for the next chapter in her life. She moved to Colorado and enrolled in the University of Colorado Boulder where she decided to study marketing.
In her senior year, Michelle took a class on Shakespeare where she found her hidden passion for literature. As the final project, the class had to make an adaptation of one of the Shakespeare plays. After much brainstorming, Michelle opted to write a romantic novel that applies the themes of Twelfth Night to the modern day military.
The inspiration for a change of setting to the military stemmed from Michelle’s boyfriend, a jet pilot in the U.S. Navy. She felt that the military was the perfect representation of identity conflicts. That what appears on the outside, an individual in uniform holding a gun, is different that what is on the inside. Michelle wanted to show a different side of the individuals in the military, and this is just what she did. After many drafts, what started out as a project ended as a published novel. This is that novel.
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