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I discovered a world within a world as a young child making art which was taught to me first by my father. I would sit on his lap as he drew images of cars and comic book characters. I looked forward to our little workshops until his untimely death when i was eight years.
From there I would escape into my mind and my memories of a time when i was blissfully happy by continuing to grow as a young artist.
Eventually I grew up to attend Art School .I graduated from the University Of the Arts with a BFA in Painting..
I moved to New York City where I met my adult mentor,jazz legend Miles Davis. I accepted a job as his on the road assistant and soon found the job turned into so much more. Besides the task of getting him from one show to the next throughout the world,I was assigned the task of assisting him in developing his second career as a painter. I myself had stopped making art but of course I knew it well. I became so distracted by my new very busy life on the road.
My duties for Miles was to keep him well stocked in art supplies and to help him to create works on the road.He insisted I also paint with him which eventually brought me back to my passion,art.He taught me to honor myself and my talents by continuing to create images throughout my life. Miles has passed on but his legacy has kept me alive with thirst and verve for a craft which I intend to share with anyone who is interested.
I have been very fortunate as a living artist to see my work exhibited and sold throughout the world.I hope you enjoy the images I have enclosed in this book.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Metamorphosis
Favorite Writer
Favorite Band or Artist
Miles Davis
Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Movie
The 4th Man
Favorite Artist
Francis Bacon

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The Modern Primitives
The Modern..
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