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On September 8th 1992 I was born in Stillwater Oklahoma to my mom Darcy McElhoe. When I was three months old I moved in with my Grandparents and lived there with them until I was around three years old when I moved in with my mom and stepdad. When I was around seven I started Gymnastics and stayed in it until my knees and ankles started giving out on me, so I started horseback riding but I took a few bad falls and that ended within a few months and now I swim. Swimming is my passion I do try my hardest in it and have fun and joke around with the team. When I was around nine years old my mom got pregnant with my sister Miranda who is now seven, and then two years later she got pregnant with my brother who is now five. About two years ago everything just started falling apart, my mom and stepdad got divorced, I was losing my best friends, and my boyfriend. I started losing faith in myself and thought everything was going downhill. Within a year my family was destroyed by a divorce that divided the whole family, by this time the relationship between my mother and I was dwindling to non existence, I was always finding an excuse to get away from her and when we were together we were constantly fighting, my best friends stopped talking to me, and the relationship between my boyfriend and I was coming to a crash landing. This was the lowest time of my life, I never really smiled, I didn't care about anything or myself, I reached some of the lowest deeps of deception that you can and it was devastating to my family and what friends I had. They had never seen me like this I wasn’t the smiling happy go-lucky girl I used to be. I was constantly crying, tired and not being able to sleep, I was always upset, and I was extremely emotional and at some points it got really scary I started pushing my luck with life and it got to where none of my family really ever wanted to be around me because of what I was doing to myself. Since then things have massively changed. I have my best friends back we are always together and I love them to death, my uncle is always there for me and I can tell him anything and everything however he still doesn’t know everything that happened in that year, he still doesn’t know what was going through my mind but he will find that out in time, I’ve got the world’s best boyfriend he is always there for me and supports me through everything. The only thing that isn’t back to normal yet is the relationship with my mother, we are still constantly fighting and I can get extremely angry just being around her but I’m sure eventually that will fix itself, but for now I’m just happy to be myself again and not depending on emotions to get me through everyday.
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